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Effective Workouts
for Everyday People
What I Offer

Comprehensive training sessions to meet each individuals goals and needs.

Monthly online coaching geared towards your specific needs and goals.

About Me
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Hi my name is Blake Lackey

I’m a trainer here in Austin, Texas. I like to train a variety of individuals who have a wide range of goals regardless of what they might be.

Anyone who’s willing to work hard and come every day with an attitude for growth is my ideal client.

I realize that every person has very specific goals and with that a body that is theirs. With that in mind, my philosophy and principles that guide it can really help any client who comes my way.

Home: About
Home: About Me

"Blake has done a great job tailoring the workouts to address my priorities and work around my limitations!" - Jim E.

"Blake is incredibly knowledgeable and has perfected his craft. He really takes the time to understand what his clients are looking for and delivers exactly that. I like that Blake not only helps with the basic fundamentals, but implements functional training to help improve your everyday life. He's constantly learning and looking to better for his clients and it shows. Thank you, Blake!" - Parker S.


"Blake is an excellent trainer, he knows so much about the science and physiology behind each exercise that I feel empowered to apply what he has taught me in my own workouts at home in addiion to the one on one sessions with him. He helped me achieve my goals in the short term and I feel ready to tackle some new, bigger goals. Thanks so much for your help Coach Blake!" - Katie

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