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In Person Training

Single session / $60


5 Sessions / $300

10 Sessions / $550

15 Sessions / $750

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Policies & Procedures

- Preferred money up front or half up front and half when you’re at the halfway point of your package selection. Payment options are cash, Venmo, check or Zelle. A combination of these also works, make sure it is consistent.

- 1 late cancellation per package, otherwise less than 24 hours' notice counts towards a session

- Any singular post about a session will take $5 off next package total price or monthly price.

- If you refer a client to me and they should sign up for 5 sessions or more, one free session will be allotted towards your next package. Example: Let's say you buy 10 sessions for $700 typically. If you a friend of yours signs up for 5 sessions or more, the next time you buy that 10-session package it will be $630 for 10 sessions.

- Partner workouts: $100, packages will display that same price rate regardless of how many purchased.

- Monthly price is per month, these do not carry over unless discussed otherwise.

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