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Big, but boring.

Do you have no time to work out? An hour at most?

Here is a sample program you can run for 3 days a week for 4-week cycles. This is perfect for anyone short on time but still wants to maximize their gains.

The idea is to use fundamental movement patterns, overload them, and rotate exercises as you shift the focus workout to workout on one compound movement.

For simplicity, the main 3 exercises we are going to focus on are barbell back squat, incline bench press, and pullup. For each workout, you will focus on one of the 3 lifts while on the other two days you will supplement that exercise with the main assistance movement in its place.

Workout A

Barbell back squat

5 x 5

Decline Pushup

3 x 8 - 12

Lat Pulldown

3 x 12 - 15

Walking Lunges

2 x 10 per leg

Workout B

Incline Barbell Bench Press

5 x 5

Eccentric Focused Pullups

3 x 8 - 12

Goblet Squat

3 x 12 - 15

Chest Supported Row

2 x 12 - 15

Workout C

Dead Hang Pullups

5 x 5

Leg Press

3 x 8 - 12

Decline Dumbbell Press

3 x 12 - 15

Chest Supported Cable Row

2 x 12 - 15

This type of rotation allows for 3 things to happen

  1. We don't overload the CNS working multiple compound movements in strength set/rep standards, allowing for quality lifting through the entire workout.

  2. Keeping it simple gives you really easy data to look at to see what is and isn't working.

  3. This blueprint you can modify to lifts you like, but the blueprint itself keeps your workouts fresh and fast.

I would recommend this for anyone who either doesn't have time for a long 1hr+ workout or for someone just getting back into the gym and wanting to hit the basics.

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