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Gently Down The Stream: Mastering The Rower

I have been messing with the rower to avoid the treadmill and it's working. The rower covers every major muscle group in a seamless way. So what is the plan? Olympic rowers qualify for a 2000m row at 6:00 flat, is that possible for me? Is the rower my plan to get jacked? Do I want to compete? Not really too sure, but my current plan is below and we'll see how it goes.

I am currently rowing three days a week with the intention of dropping a few pounds and building up my cardio as a byproduct.

Session 1: Moderate Intensity

8 x 500m with a sub 2:00 pace, averaging 1:50, 2 minutes rest.

Session 2: High Intensity

10-15 minutes, 10 seconds on 50 seconds off.

As I move weekly, I will extend the total time or " on" time.

Session 3: Low Intensity

2:30 pace with 15+ minutes of consistent rowing.

This is more about accumulating solid volume at a lower level of intensity and really helps build aerobic capacity.

Is this perfect? Probably not, but it does offer variation with the weight training sessions on the other day. I should mention after each rowing session I do a little more upper back, lower back, and some core work with the intention to supplement the rowing itself.

If you want to get into a form of cardio you haven't done before, this approach is very feasible. High, low, and moderate-intensity sessions give you an opportunity to see where you lack or are very successful.

Article 2 for this will be a month out and I will update you on progressions.


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