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Max Effort Mondays

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Just like that, we're back into the conjugate training method...sort of. Typically in the conjugate training style, you will have two max effort days and two dynamic days. This is how my days are currently laid out with extra workouts sprinkled in and smaller cardio sessions to lean out.

Worked up to a top single of 165lbs on high incline bench press and followed that with 5 sets of 3 off 80% with a slow eccentric. I think working towards an overall goal of 225 for reps on an incline is manageable at this bodyweight but it will be difficult, definitely a winter goal. We continued for accessory work aimed toward both upper body strength and physique development. It is so hard to be linear focused in the weight room towards goals of just strength or just muscle because everything works so closely together.

I haven't done this style of training since the summer really and it is extremely taxing. It is important to be on top of all aspects of recovery because of that central nervous system "tax" you pay daily. My primary accessory exercise was a dead-stop barbell row with 185lb for 4 sets of 5, these are great for keeping form clean for each rep and killing all momentum.

Max effort lower on Wednesday we will be working up to a heavy triple with trap bar deadlift so plenty of food and water until then.

Overall, 7/10 session.

- failed at 175lb on high incline, we want clean reps

CNS Prep

Med Ball Circuit x 2

Med Ball Standing Chest Pass 3 x 3

Max Effort

High Incline Press

Work up to a heavy single

5 x 3 @80% of single

+ BPAs x 12

Barbell Dead stop Row

4 x 5

Seated Shoulder Press 4 x 8

Y Ring Raise 4 x 12

Weighted Dips 3 x 5

Chaos Pushup 3 x 3-5

Rear Delt Flys Rings 3 x 10

Banded Lat Pulldown 3 x10

Reverse Hypers 3 x 12

12-minute amrap

banded pushdowns x 30+

preacher DB curls x 8+

weighted calve raise x 8+

Happy Lifting,

Coach B.

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