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Minute Crunch Monday: Full Body Template Workout for Time Savers

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Mondays are tough, here is a simple full body template you can use to get in and out of the gym while still being on time with those excel spreadsheets.


Upper Body Push 4 x 6

Lower Body Pull 4 x 6

Rest: 30 between exercises, 2:00 between sets.

Upper Body Pull 3 x 8

Lower Body Push 3 x 8

Core Exercise 3 x 12

Rest: 30 between exercises, 1:30 between sets.

*Upper Back Exercise 2-3 x 12+

Core Exercise 2-3 x 12+

Rest: 30 between exercises, 1:00 between sets.

* Cardio ( 10 minutes )

HITT cardio highly recommended


The goal of this workout is to maximize time and tackle most major muscle groups. Sticking to compound movements like bench, overhead press, squats and deadlifts are easy ways to do that. Supersets force us to go a bit lighter than usual but allow us to be more efficient with out time. The last superset and cardio is really time dependent as well as fitness level.

Try this out for 3 days a week and see what you think. Keeping the volume a set or two lower depending can allow you to shorten it even more but still getting the workout in.

Happy Lifting.

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