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Power Rankings: Top 5 Exercises of All Time

This is my mount Rushmore of exercises and I like to look at it which has the most bang for my buck so to speak.

1: Romanian Deadlift

Deadlift truly is a full-body exercise with a posterior chain focus. If you could only use one exercise, this covers just about every body part minus the chest really. Upper back, lower back, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, traps, etc. No other exercises force the entire body to work in unison quite like the deadlift, I prefer the focus of the Romanian deadlift on the hamstrings.

2. Front Squat

Much like the deadlift, the front squat forces total body unison. The Upper back is forced to become isometrically strong to counterbalance the weight whereas in a back squat, while tight, the upper back requirement isn't as strong here. I think the core works overtime during this movement and is quite the ego killer, front squat in any variation is brutal and effective.

3. Push Press

Moving more into a posterior focus, the push press again attacks the entire body. With a quarter squat to initiate and a full drive, the push press is an explosive upper-body-focused movement requiring full body control. Depending on how heavy or light you take it can really change the parameters of its efficiency.

4. Pullups or Chinups

Moving your own body weight well is highly underrated and is a great sign of where you are really in terms of fitness level. Any form of a pullup to me is a great movement that is going to force you to have a relatively stable body composition, core control, and upper back strength which is necessary for almost every movement you do. If you cannot complete a single pullup or chin-up, start. You will uncover weaknesses somewhere along the way and when you start hitting these on a consistent basis you will feel much more complete as a human.

5. Split Squat

Again, any variation of a single-leg squat is what I am referring to. Athletes, house moms, or gym rats can all find benefits in a split stance squat variation. Total body control with the ability to uncover a weakness in either leg is a huge benefit. Safety bar split squats IMO are elite among all other variations, but try this out for a few weeks with dumbells and you will get a nice pump with a tightened core.

These are my favorites, go ahead and find yours!

Comment your favorite exercises below.

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