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" Should I start running?"

2022 has brought running back, thanks covid.

Running is a surefire way to elicit a few adaptations so if you want to start, you should know your WHY.

No, you do not need to run to lose weight but it can definitely be a path to take. I would look at it as a third step in the path to getting in shape, while weight training and nutrition would be my first two priorities.

My WHY for running back in early January of this year was because of the physique I wanted to emulate. I wanted a leaner physique as well as improved overall cardiovascular health so I planned for that. I decided I didn't want to go beyond 8 miles a session as I felt those who did that weren't really holding the physique I wanted. I decided to master the 3-8 mile range and plan from there.

Once I had my WHY and my general game plan of what my end result was, it was easy. I slowly ramped up my miles and frequency, thus becoming a novice runner.

Running for most shouldn't be your only source of exercise as weight training will only help your goals. Increasing overall muscularity and joint health with supplemental weight training is a great foundational approach for a running plan. Historically, sprinters like Ben Johnson ( an absolute freak ), were monsters in the weight room which shouldn't be a surprise considering sprints themselves have the highest force production of any exercise you can think of. Johnson squatted over 500+ while winning Olympic gold medals, albeit he was enhanced as were his counterparts, nonetheless, it is quite impressive.

The point of the Johnson example is to illustrate that when you think about when you should start running, you need to go a few questions deeper about other aspects of fitness as it pertains to running.

So, when?

That question is different for everyone and will depend on your overall goal, but my best advice is to put your headphones in for a few weeks and put some miles in. Sometimes just starting with no plan will clear up any questions you might have.

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