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Speed Kills

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Dynamic effort or lack thereof could be what is holding you back not only in athletics but in the gym. Banded box squats and chained deadlifts both teach the athlete to accelerate through the entire lift where the lockout is the hardest. This can have tremendous effects on max effort strength and power. Box squats for example especially banded, teach the athlete not only to accelerate but to control the eccentric portion. By controlling that portion of the lift, where forces are the strongest, we truly can master movement patterns.

Yesterday was my first full dynamic effort day with both squats and deadlifts. I ran 8 sets of 2 reps with banded box front squats and 8 sets of 1 with trap bar deadlifts with chains. Both efforts were at 50% of their respective 1rms with minute rest in between sets. For dynamic efforts, you typically run 3-week waves and either increase band tension or weight while adding sets each week as well. So next week it will be 10 sets of 2 reps with 55% of 1rm for squats. Not only do we add a little volume, but intensity increases.

By rotating dynamic effort movements you can continue to get very granular with the adaptation you want. While my front squat is a struggle because of mobility restrictions, it is also tough due to losing tightness. The box squat forces you to stay tight because of the amortization phase. This is the time between the eccentric and concentric portion of the lift.

Overall, 7/10 session.

- my lower back was not ready for the volume

CNS Prep

Weighted Jumps 5 x 2 w/20lb dumbbells

Banded Box Front Squats

8 x 2 w/50% 1rm

Trap Bar Deadlift w/chains

8 x 1 w/50% 1rm

Romanian Trap Bar Deadlifts

3 x 6-8 w/75% 1rm

1a) Eccentric Hamstring Slides

3 x 12

2a) Reverse Hypers

3 x 12

3a) Weighted Calve Raise

3 x 20

Weighted Belt March

2 x 1 minute

Baned Lat Pulldown

3 x max reps with w/orange band

Baned Pushdowns

3 x max reps w/red band

Baned Hamstring Curls

3 x max reps w/red band

Happy Lifting,

Coach B.

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