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Strain for Gains

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Max effort sessions have one goal in mind, strain the body. Max effort lower on Wednesday was back to a safety bar split squat for a heavy single on each side. I got 225lbs before failing at 250lbs. My last attempt at a heavy set was a single on each side at 205lb. The split squat has been connected by some strength coaches to having the most overall carry-over to the athletic field as far as building force output. I like to because it is hard and when I do return to traditional bilateral squatting I am a lot more in tune with my form.

This max effort session was followed by 2 sets of different accessories. RDLs, glute bridge to eccentric slides, and upper back work. It becomes really important not only as you increase your actual age but training age to emphasize posterior work. As you handle more weight, it becomes apparent how much stability you need to build to lift certain weights. Upper back and hamstring with primarily I do at least 4 days a week.

Extra work for a body part you want to grow does not have to be strenuous. For myself, I look at my training program to see where I can execute said lifts without killing myself for my main exercises. For example, I'm not going to go heavy barbell rows on Tuesday when Wednesday I have a max effort lower session. If I am planning to have a session, any back movement instead of barbell rows with likely be within the 12-20 rep range or higher to prevent any fatigue and act more as a recovery session. Lastly, recovery doesn't mean do nothing. Active recovery sessions where you pump a muscle full of blood but do not strain the joints can be helpful in recovery because of the blood flow you create.

Overall session, 8/10.

- I don't like to fail on a max effort day, failure doesn't do much for you only tires you out.

CNS Prep

Weighted Box Jump w/Med Ball

4 x 2

Max Effort Lower

Safety Bar Split Squat

1 x 1 @185

1 x 1 @225

1 x 0 @250

2 x 3 @185

Single-Leg Glute Bridge to Ecc Slide

2 x 10 per side

Snatch Grip RDL

2 x 8

1a) Reverse Lunge

2 x 8

2a) Ring Flys

2 x 12

Lat Pulldown

3 x 8

Step-Ups w/bodyweight

max reps x 4 minutes

Seated Calve Raise

4 x 25

Banded Pushdowns

3 x max reps

Happy Lifting,

Coach B.

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