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Training Blog 1: Why are some days so good?

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Your training should directly reflect your goals. Currently, I have a goal of attaining full-body strength like an athlete and my split reflects that. My current 3day lifting split has the same movement patterns but a stronger emphasis depending on the day.

Today we focused on being dynamic with support to the driving forces. My CNS Prep exercises were a shoulder med ball circuit and a split stance med ball throw for height. The shoulder circuit was to prepare for the split jerks coming m way. Throws for height did that as well but doubled in regards to readying my legs for a Bulgarian variation later on.

A landmine split jerk for 6 sets of 2 was paired with banded Bulgarian split squats for the same set and rep scheme. I did 30 seconds between exercises and two minutes between overall sets. Depending on the day I will add in core work for a tri-set but today I wanted high quality efforts.

Accessory work should reflect your weak points in either your movement of the day or a weak point in general. My hamstrings are weak and while not directly correlated for a Bulgarian which is more of a glute/quad-based exercise I currently feel they need more attention for my overall goal. Paired with a low row variation, posterior work is crucial for building strength and overall health so we are always doing some back work.

The last portion of my session is always directed around either core work or general bodybuilding-type movements. These are usually joint-friendly, high rep, and paired with each other for list rest in-between.

Overall, 8/10 Session.

Full Body A Template

CNS Prep

Med Ball Shoulder Circuit 2 x n/a

Split Stance Med Ball Throw for Height 3 x 2 each side

1a) Landmine Split Jerk 6 x 2

2a) Banded Bulgarian Split Squat 6 x 2

:30 between exercises, 2:00 between sets

1b) Split Stance RDLs 4 x 8 per side

2b) Reverse Hyper Row w/pause 4 x 12

1c) Ring Y Raises w/3 second eccentric 3 x 8

2c) Modified Dragyflys 3 x 5 w/slow eccentric

3c) Bird Dogs 3 x 12 total

Donkey Bodyweight Calve Raises 3 x max reps

Banded Pushdowns 3 x 30+

Happy lifting.


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