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Training Blog 10: The Road is Long

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

I had my second session with Front Squats today working with 5 sets of 2 with slow eccentrics after Bulgarians with my chin variation. My max is 185 for a double or if you count 205 when I was 22 and 40lbs heavier. Regardless I am looking for 225 for 1 by mid-July, using eccentrics and upper back work to get more as my main variables.

Squats were paired with low rows for a little more back hypertrophy. While front squats are highlighted I did start this session with banded Bulgarian split squats paired chinups with med ball adductor holds. Last week of this dynamic variation and the chin variation before switching up these two. Bulgarians really are starting to feel more and more comfortable, this is my main accessory to standing split squats which is something I will come back two in about 6 weeks. Chinups while I do want to get stronger, my weakness seems to be endurance which I want to bring up so we'll see what variation I come up with.

These sessions while taxing really are fun. They show me where my strength is at and my general fitness level overall. I feel like I have great leverages for bulgarians and t-rex arms make chin-ups a ton easier. Awesome session, tomorrow we travel.

Overall, 9/10 session.

- Core felt weak during ab wheels

CNS Prep

Med Ball Circuit x 2

Weighted Jumps 4 x 2 w/20lb DB's

1a) banded Bulgarian split squat 6 x 2 per

2a) med ball adductor hold chin-ups w/slow eccentric 6 x 2

1b) Front squats w/slow eccentric 5 x 2

2b) Low Row w/reverse hyper 5 x 6-8

3) Deadbugs 3 x 6 / Pull Throughs 2 x 8

1c) T-Rows 3 x 12

2c) Ab-Wheels 3 x 8

Banded Pushdowns 3 x max reps

Calve Raise 3 x 20+

Happy Lifting,

Coach B.

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