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Training Blog 11: We're maxing out?

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Today was a scheduled sub max effort day working 5 sets of 2-3 with 70-80% of our flat bench 1rm. What happened was each of us worked up to a heavy single and I got 245 at 203lb bodyweight.

No that isn't impressive for the bros but I also haven't flat benched in 5 months. While I'd argue I have increased my strength overall even with a decrease in my bench max, I think it's safe to say I respond best with an increased frequency of benching. We treat benching more as a movement than exercise. The difference is that when you treat it as a movement it's all about being mechanical; the other is more based on pumping the muscles. Our next few dynamic days should lead to improvements here as it will take a more horizontal-focused approach.

Working out with Alex has a few key elements because of the way he programs workouts. After the bench, we went volume with shoulder and back for a few different pairings such as landmine t-bar rows + snatch grip upright row. Most would argue against Alex's CNS-intensive mentality from the outside looking in but the programming is smart and not made for a beginner. Along with that, I would say 90% of people do not understand intensity in the weight room and just how much more you have in you. Alex's workouts tend to pull that out of you in the best way possible.

Grateful for another day of lifting and making muscles!

Overall, 10/10 session.

- bench felt sold

Prep Work

3 minutes legs only assault bike

3 x max rep dead hang pullups

Flat Bench

2 x 2 @185

1 x 2 @205

1 x 2 @225

1 x 1@245

! x failed @255

1a) Behind Neck Press x 40 total reps

2a) Ring Rear Delt x 10 per

1b) T-Bar Rows 5 x 8

2b) Snatch Grip Upright Row 5 x 10-12+

Dips Chain Removal x 2


3 chains + bw x 5

2 chains +bw x 5

1 chain + bw x 5

bw x 5

* no rest between removal

Banded Lat Pulldown

1 x 2 minutes - max reps

1 x 1 minute- match half of max reps

Happy Lifting,

Coach B.

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