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Training Blog 2: Recovery is Key

Recovery gets a bad wrap in terms of its benefits from the general population. Most think of just a lazy day around the couch, more than likely falling off the nutrition for a bit. How can you change that and how will it benefit you?

My recovery days have a few key elements such as...

  1. How did yesterday's workout affect me today?

  2. What does tomorrow's workout look like?

  3. Can I address a weak point without it affecting tomorrow negatively?

There are a lot of nuances to how I go about writing my workouts but these questions help guide me in my recovery days.

Today we worked through 8 minutes of HIT training on the bike followed by very high rep ring work for the upper back and additional weak point work. Keep in mind beyond the HIT training, the rest of the work was very low intensity. Ring work consisted of two sets of T's unassisted and T's assisted on the rings. Think of your arms extended in front of you at eye level palms facing with a slight lean to your core and you simply open your arms up while maintaining straight arms until you make a T. These are great for rear delt work and overall shoulder health. Assisted is allowing ourselves more momentum to get more reps, unassisted is much more strict. We ended our session with slider hamstring, adductor, and hip flexor work. The same idea as the rings to just "pump" our weaker muscles without disrupting joint and CNS recovery.

Overall 9/10, Recovery Session.

Recovery Template

5-minute bike warmup

8 Minute HIT

:10 on :50 off x 8

Ring T's Unassisted 2 x 20

Ring T's Assisted 2 x 20

Slider Hamstring Curls 2 x 25 per

Slider Adductor 2 x 20 per

Slider Hip Extension 2 x20 per

Ring Assisted Skull Crusher 1 x 20+

Happy lifting.


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