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Training Blog 3: Plans Change

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

What was slated to be a high-weight low rep intensity focused session got cut short. Calls with potential clients and some real-life scenarios caused me to change my workout a bit today but a solid session regardless.

After moving through a 10-minute warmup I went into my usual med ball throws which today felt great. I don't have a way to see the progression as far as measuring but the overall feeling was better. From there I had a weighted chin-up variation paired with front squats and an optional core exercise which I didn't take. I haven't back or front squatted in months due to a few issues but man it felt great today! Worked up to 185 for a double on front squats which I am positive is a personal record.

PRs are pretty great when they're unplanned but today's lift calling for 6 sets 2 reps of both main exercises allowed for some leeway in the weight I picked. I can use this 185 as a baseline now for future weeks where I may way to work on % based training. The rest of my workout is to be completed today with some changes to mitigate the effects for the next workout.

Overall, 7/10 Session.

Full Body B Template

CNS Prep

Regular Stance Med Ball Throw for Height 4 x 2

1a) Weighted Chinup 6 x 2

2a) Front Squat 6 x 2

Happy lifting,


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