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Training Blog 4: 5 Principles to PR

Personal records are one of the main highlights for a person when they start their lifting journey and at some point, they won't hit anymore. It is key to keep that thought in mind because it keeps things in perspective and forces you to focus on those goals. We only have a finite amount of time to achieve physical feats, here are my 5 principles to getting there.

  1. Consistency, above all else you need to be there. You cannot hit a PR if you aren't in the gym. What do I consider consistent? Not 7 days a week lifting weights and killing yourself but knowing that bringing health to the forefront of your life will allow you to be consistent and hit those goals.

  2. Lift Heavy! True maximal strength training is a foundational guideline to hitting PRs. Again, this doesn't mean you have to squat 500lbs to be strong..context matters. Find YOUR fatigue levels and push through them, that is gaining strength.

  3. Be your boss in the gym. No one knows you better than you so remember that when you train with or around people. Peer pressure can cause us to do stupid shit that could end up hurting us so keep your eyes on your goals, be smart, and do not shift from that if it isn't beneficial. There are days to change things up from the plan but understanding your limits should be kept in mind.

  4. Get a training partner..but not all partners are created equal. We all have different goals with different body types and finding a partner with similar traits is one of the best ways to train. Push each other when you can because sometimes a squat doesn't feel as good as it looks and vice versa. Having a partner not only instills confidence but erases doubt.

  5. Patience is a virtue. You must understand that all muscle building, strength gains, and personal records take time. Some days this is hard because it can feel like you are working hard but getting nowhere. That is a good time to take a step back and realign yourself with your goals.

These principles have all benefited me in some way throughout the last 10 years so do your best to abide by these or make your own.

Happy lifting,

Coach B

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