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Training Blog 5: Dynamic Upper

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Most people want to move fast and be somewhat athletic. Dynamic upper body sessions are a great way to dial that in. The premise is to use lighter weight and some accommodating resistance in the form of bands or chains to enhance acceleration.

Friday's are partner workouts with the roommate and the focus was on shoulders. 6 sets of 3 reps on standing overhead press, easily my toughest lift. From here we moved on to the repetition method with the low incline bench press. Starting at a weight you could do 10 reps with we did 40 reps total with that weight in as few sets as possible. This is a great way to practice with a weight you know you can handle as well as build muscular endurance.

The majority of accessory work for us on dynamic days consists mostly of building up the back and triceps with volume. Always think of the purpose behind every exercise and find its "why" in your routine.

Overall, 8/10 Session.

Upper Dynamic


20 pullups

Banded OH Press 6 x 3

Low Incline Bench x 40 reps @135lb few sets as possible

1a) Landmine Row 4 x 6-8 w/pause

2a) Upright Row 4 x 8-10

Low Incline KB Row

1 x 2 minute amrap

1 x 1 minute amrap

KB Iso Slide Pushup 2 x 12 total

Happy lifting,


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