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Training Blog 7: Sunday Reset

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

A week of training coming down the pipeline. We got one more week of this block and then we hit the reset button and prep for a 6-week block. Wrapping up this week is dynamic split squats, front squats, and another dynamic upper for the shoulders. Working towards some summer lifting goals such as a 275 split squat, 225 front squat, and 60lb weight chin. These goals are ambitious but the path is clear.

I currently am sitting at 203lbs probably 12% bf at 6'2. The goal is to get down to 198, maintain through summer, and really prep for a big strength block in the fall. Mixing in strict sprint work starting next block and more intense HIT training while maintaining current diet standards. 85% carnivore has been interesting so far and I think a little more food this week will really help me excel in the final week of this book.

Find a goal for your training no matter how small or big, execute.

Happy Lifting,

Coach B.

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