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Training Blog 8: Max Effort Monday...Kind of

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Ending another mixed-up 3-week block, we're feeling great but a tad fatigued. Today we had a high incline bench PRESS paired with landmine RDLs for 5 sets of 3-5 reps depending. Having t-rex arms has its benefits in lifting and a close grip press has always come easy to me cause of it so today went very well on that end. Romanian deadlifts have so many ways of being executed and all equally suck in their own right. My core goal this summer is to get some strong fucking hammies.

Followed this up with barbell rows + reverse hyperextensions for 4 sets. From there moved into the typical upper back+core combination. You might be thinking this is a lot of upper body for a full-body session. Keep in mind this is designed to start being paired with sprints on Sundays. So Monday's will be heavy upper+supportive lower as the main two movements, sprints acting as my max effort the day prior.

Cannot think about today without looking into tomorrow's session which is a posterior chain accessory day. While we did go heavy today, it is important to remember that recovery does not mean do sit around doing nothing. High rep band work, calisthenics for high reps, yoga, aerobic work can be helpful in facilitating recovery you just have to be smart.

Overall, 9/10 session.

- Lower back felt weak today

CNS Prep

Assisted Plyo Pushups 5 x 5

1a) High Incline Close Grip w/pause 6 x 3

2a) Landmine RDL's w/tempo 6 x5

1b) Supinated Barbell Paused Row 4 x 6

2b) Reverse Hyperextensions 4 x 12+

3b) Bird Dog 3 x 12 total

1c) Ring Y's 3 x 12

2c) Dragon Flys 3 x 12

Banded Pushdowns 3 x max reps x red band

Calf Raises 4 x max reps

Happy Lifting,

Coach B.

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