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I took a step back and began to look at Exercise Science as my tool to help others improve their lives beyond biological functions that couldn't be explained in 5 minutes and find its true real world application. 

Countless hours of reading, certification work, Youtube Education ( yes Youtube has plenty of reliable sources), listening to lectures, talking with those in the fitness community has allowed me to cultivate enough knowledge to bring you an at home program with the full intention of improving your daily life.

Most of us and myself included lack proper coordination, muscle imbalances, want to look better, feel better, not be out of breath after we walk up stairs...

I've look at every program, exercise, method you can think of and tightened it all up to bring the most efficient at home program with all your needs in mind. 

Rock with me and lets get a little bit beter every day.

Coach B

A former unathletic team sport athlete with not an ounce of muscle on my body I have spent the last 10 years learning and earning the right to call myself a fitness professional.

My passion for health & wellness started just after high school when team sports were done and all I had was a 6'2 frame with no muscle to back it. I got tired of being the smallest guy in the room & the slowest guy. So about six months after graduation I started my journey. 

My very first program I ever ran was a bodyweight program meant for people who were preparing to into the Navy Seals.. Needless to say I had bitten off a bit more than I could chew, however I did became quite aware of my body and how to use it.

3 years in a commercial gym progressed into me transferring to Texas State where I began learning the ins and outs of Exercise Science & basically how to not fuck someones body up.

During my time at Texas State I spent countless hours reading and rereading material that seemed to fly over my head, but eventually realized I had it all backwards. 

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